Apr. 22nd, 2017

To be honest, when I started watching "Supernatural" all those years ago, Sam wasn't my favorite at all, not even my second. For the life of me, I can't give any reasons for that, except that it was just that. It should take until seeing "The End" for the first time (in English) to make me see Sam as more than Dean's little brother. The way he portrays Lucifer in this one is just stunning and was, to me, the first real glimpse of Jared's acting chops. And since then, I not only got to see more layers of Sam (and even his bad side, which is its own kind of awesome), I also kind of fell in love with Jared's open real life persona. He's not afraid to talk about the downs he's been experiencing, and that's a brave step for everyone, even more for an actor. Now, I can't imagine Sam without Dean (or vice versa) the way I can't imagine Jared being at an event without Jensen. This set was made for the current round over at [profile] thecw_20n20. Enjoy!

Brother, Hunter, Man of Letters... )

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