May. 2nd, 2017

Peter Burke is, in more than one way, the "one-in-a-million" guy. First of all, he isn't like many other LEO's on TV - depressed, fed up with the job (and maybe the private life too). No, Peter Burke is, from the beginning, the exact counterpoint to all these clich├ęs. He's happily married to the most wonderful Elizabeth, he enjoys his work, and he loves life in general. And when Neal joins him both in their line of work and in his private life on many occasions, Peter lets him in, because he believes that Neal can change, can become a better man, away from the criminal life. In the end, Neal calls him his "best friend", and while we are led to believe that it was just a phrase, I think that Neal really meant it in that moment. This batch was made for Round 77 of [community profile] tvcharacter20, the final round on LJ. Enjoy!

The Archeologist.... )

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