Jun. 1st, 2017

Benny Lafitte is, in more than one meaning, the exception to the rule. First of all, he's fighting alongside/protecting Dean (and later on Cas, though he and the angel don't really get along in the beginning) in Purgatory despite being a vampire. Second, once he's topside again (thanks to Dean playing taxi driver for his soul), he's really trying to hide himself in plain sight and having a "normal" life (which is, funny enough, kind of a continuation to Ty Olsson's first SPN appearance). And last but not least, he's been on my extended favorite character list way before I ever saw a single episode of Season 8, thanks to some wonderful AU fanfictions out there where he's the supportive, loyal brother outside the Winchester family to Dean. This batch was made for Round 21 of [profile] spn20_20. Enjoy!

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