If you ever needed proof that Matt Bomer is way, way more than just another handsome Hollywood face, here it is - the first clip for his latest movie "Anything", in which he plays a trans gender woman going by the name of Freda von Rhenburg. And let me tell you, if you thought him out-of-this-world handsome as a man, you definitely will like him (at least) as a woman.

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I don't know how he did it but somehow Jensen got Jared to play guitar while he and the others sang at the J2 Sun panel at All Hell Breaks Loose 8!

You gotta love those boys!!
...mainly the fact that he truly is out of this world, if this recent pic from his Instagram is anything to go by ;) Does he really age backwards??

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Note: look at that fluffy locks!! *wanna run my hands through*

source: Matt's Instagram
Our boy's really busy these days - after gracing some events with his ever-lovely and handsome presence, he did a stint as co-host at "Live With Kelly" today. I haven't seen the whole show yet, but judging from the clips and gifs flooding Twitter, Matty was, once again, a delight to watch.

So far, I found two videos on YouTube (note to [livejournal.com profile] kanarek13: still in 720p quality), but I'll keep looking and of course, I'll either update this post or make a new one! Enjoy!

The whole show

A clip about raising three boys and their Halloween plans

The craze continues, and after dishing out his charm over both Los Angeles and New York, the French Riviera is the next target on Matty's to-do-list these days. I swear, folks, he's really out to kill us all (he even brought the scrunchy nose along for the premiere!).

WARNING: you might get an overdose of stunning blue eyes, a dazzling smile, and some other candies below the cut! Proceed at your own risk! (But I know you do it anyway XD)

PS: for screencaps and some more delicious treats from "The Nice Guys" press & promo tour so far, please head over to my dear friend's [livejournal.com profile] kanarek13 journal. She has an own post for all things happening right now, already filled with stunning screencaps - and a lot more to come! So be sure to check it regularly!

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If there's anything in this whole world that's hotter than just a pic of Matt, it's a pic of Matt in black & white. I don't know how (except for the magic of alien genes), but somehow, with this technique he's hotter and even more handsome than ever. Thanks to Twitter, I got redirected to the webpage of John Balsom, photographer of both the Armani and the Details Magazine shoot with Matt, and look what I found there... Standard warnings in terms of hotness of Mr. Bomer apply!

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all pics (C)John Balsom
Part 2 of the Social Media Roundup for the Paleyfest 2016. There are some new pics and two short videos, all of them starring our favorite man as a walking, talking cutie pie ;)
(sources: pics - Twitter, Facebook; videos - youtube)

EDIT: I also got three more videos from Paleyfest, but since they are not from youtube, I won't post them. I can upload them to my DB and anyone who wants them (one is from the Panel itself, the other two short ones from the red carpet) please send me a PM, I'll send you the link *_*

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PS: get ready for a great weekend - I'm putting together two posts, filled to the brim with pics of Matty! (just have to sort through a gazillion pics or so XD)
After rather a long time with only the pics from the "Last Tycoon" and "Walking Out" sets, as well as those from the Men's Fitness photoshoot, to tide us over, Matty's coming back to the public *\0/* Last night, he was part of the AHS panel at this year's Paleyfest, making it his fourth appearance at this fest (twice with White Collar, and last year with AHS as well). In the hours following, Twitter nearly had an overflow of pics, so this post is far from complete XD I apologize for the watermarks, as soon as I get better pics, I'll either replace them or make another post. What I'm absolutely not apologizing for is (a) the mass of pics (approx. 100), (b) the possibility of doubles (such beauty is very distracting!), or (c) any side effects you might experience while looking at the sheer beauty that Matty was last night. Oh, and by the way:


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End note: Either Matty has a secret fountain of youth in his backyard, or the theory of alien DNA is closer to the truth than expected...